Google Stopped support from Gingerbread and Earlier

A blow for Android users worldwide- Google has stopped support for Android Gingerbread and the previous version Android Honeycomb officially. That means these two Android versions are being scrapped by the Google while 10% Android users still use Gingerbread!

Support for these two ancient Android versions is stopped by disabling the update of the Google Play. Let me tell you Google Play is the only medium to update all the apps installed from Google Play store. So what will be the effect of this?


  • Users won’t be able to update any app via Google Play. So no more improvements of the apps in use.
  • If users don’t update an app, it cannot run after a certain time because companies don’t provide support for any crash and bug report once the app gets updated.
  • In a line, your phone will be dead but you can make phone calls and surf internet. Simply you will be cut down from the Android world.

Android Gingerbread and Android Honeycomb both have crossed more than six years — in fact, Android Honeycomb is going to turn 7 years old in the coming week! and this announcement is not going to be the birthday gift ofcourse but in order to provide better service Android has removed these versions from the support lists. But using some tweaks you still can survive the wave. You can’t just throw your phone because it’s still doing the basic job of a phone. You rather can say that after this update the phone is not a smartphone at least.

So what are the ways by which you still can bypass the issue-? Have a look below and you will get the gist what we are going to discuss-

Root your phone: Excellent way to get rid of this issue. You phone has served you more than four to five years, let’s give it a chance to live more by rooting the device. What you need to do is simple- contact someone who is an expert in rooting and get an updates version of Android installed.

Remember one thing, don’t try to install some recent updates, try the very next version of the Android Gingerbread instead otherwise nothing will work. We will recommend installing Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0. But before that, know in details whether the hardware of your phone supports the version or not.

This is not the first time when Google announces this. Way back in November 2016, in a developer conference, Google has announced that the Gingerbread and earlier version will be supported till the 10.0 SDK version of the Google Play and now the version comes is 10.2, so it’s obvious that the support will be stopped as per their announcement.

Stay tuned and one more thing, never forgets to comment below if you are facing any issue with your Android phone which stuck on Android Gingerbread. The issue can be anything from rooting your device to the unnatural behavior of the apps installed; we are here to help you with proper guidance.

YouTube to Axe 30 Second Video ads

YouTube aka the leader of video streaming site is rolling the sleeves for axing the annoying 30 seconds unskippable video ads and coming in favor of more 6 seconds video ads. After a thorough research, YouTube has found the 30 second ads are very rigid and irritating. Many users have complained about the ads which appear frequently, and the most awful fact is that users don’t pay attention to those ads which take more than 6-10 seconds. Even, I can share something personally- whenever the big ad comes, I take an off for drinking soda or to go for peeing simply.

YouTube to Axe 30 Second Video ads

YouTube’s 30 second unskippable is gonna be history now

But the latest decision from the YouTube’s end make me relieved, and I think you are also one of those persons who will make a WOW sound in silent. But do you know what the actual reason behind this sudden change was? You may think that users’ complaints compel the company to do that. I also thought the same thing till I found some shocking facts and leaked study by one of the leading web consultant.

Facebook is the reason of the Fear Factor


The reason behind this is simple “Facebook,” day by day Facebook’s video offerings are getting popular to the companies, and everyone is leaning towards that. It’s not the end. The retention rate of the Facebook’s video ads are better than YouTube. If we consider the long ads specially then the retention rate is near zero!

How the retention rate calculated? With every click on the ad, the company identifies the area of interest and whether the users are typing the brand name of YouTube or not and whether they leave any comment or likes or anything. And there is no doubt that Facebook’s interaction page is far better than YouTube. Commenting or liking a page is easier on Facebook than YouTube and this is the field where Facebook has tore YouTube apart. Users prefer Facebook over YouTube for video streaming also! And getting the details of retention is easier on Facebook for companies also.

There is no official confirmation how much revenue has been lost by YouTube in the war of video streaming especially for ads, but doubtlessly Facebook has taken a big chunk from YouTube’s revenue, but the real fear factor comes when some renowned companies have halted their advertising on YouTube. We are not mentioning the names but simply make a list of world’s top ten tech companies apart from Google and check whether there is any ad of those or not! You will simply understand.

That’s why after understanding the nerve of the users YouTube decided to throw the 30 seconds videos out of the video streaming and will take more 6 seconds video ads into channels and it will improve user’s experiences and attract more advertisers.

The tussle between two giant- YouTube and Facebook is started, and in the first few phases Facebook got an advantage over YouTube, but it seems Google owned YouTube will not leave an inch in the competition and will fight back with some major changes in ads and content policy both.