How to Hide Friend List on Facebook From Other Facebook Friends

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms which claims to have almost a billion users around the world. There is nothing to doubt about it. When there is a huge population using the service, it is must to have some kind of security measures. Especially when we see online data hacking incident more often than the traditional loot. This is the alarm for us to secure our privacy as much as possible. Facebook is also aware of this issues thus it also has introduced a couple of security measures and privacy settings.

One of them privacy setting is hiding your friend list from anyone to view including your friends on Facebook. Today we will learn how you can enable this feature to hide all your friends to be viewed by anyone including those who are friends on your Facebook.

Why Would I ever Need to Hide My Friends List from My friends on Facebook?

Well, everything comes down to the privacy you need. If you feel like you need to hide your friend list from anyone, then you can try this method. Here I am mentioning couples of scenarios where you could try to hide your friend list.

  • Imagine you have a crush on someone, and you are both friends on Facebook talking to each other, but you are not sure if s/he likes you. And you also don’t want others to know until you confirm about your relationship. In that case, you can just hide your friend list from all of your friends. This way no one will notice that you are friend with anyone.

Now you know the possible scenarios where you could consider enabling this privacy setting. Now let’s just into this guide where I will tell you how to hide friends list on Facebook from Facebook friends.

How to Hide Friend List on Facebook From Other Friends?

By default, Facebook marks your friend list public so that anyone including those who are not your friends can view them. If you are a privacy freak, then you should mark it “Only Me” to prevent anyone from viewing your friend list. Don’t worry; we will tell you how you turn this feature on on Facebook.

  • The very first step includes you to login to your Facebook account.
  • Now, go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture from the top right corner (right next to the home button).
  • When you are on your profile section, click on the friends tab and click on little pencil icon which is situated right above the friends tab. Remember in some browsers it might also show as “Edit Privacy” button.
  • A new pop-up or dialog box will open. Here you can see couples of privacy settings. As we are here for hiding friends list, we will ignore all another setting except the “Friend List.”
  • Right next to the “Friend List” setting you can see a drop down box. Now select “Only Me” option from the drop down menu. Now click “Done” to save the settings.

BOOM, you are now enabled the option where no one will be ever able to check your friends list until and unless you allow to.

Now we hope we made everything clear to you. If we missed anything or you are finding difficulties to follow these methods, let us know in the comment. We are always excited to help our readers.