Best Ways to Access Facebook, Twitter, YoouTube, and Music Sites in the School

If you are a student, then you know how it feels when you try to access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even any music sites from your school Wi-Fi just to see that error message. Most of the modern school that has Wi-Fi for students use some filters to prevent students from using any of the distractive websites. But sometimes as a student, you might need to message that friend on Facebook or have some assignment related video to catch on YouTube, or even you might have to access your that favorite music site for the music in the blank periods.

And the result you start searching the whole internet with keywords like how to unblock facebook or best unblocked music or even sometimes how to bypass school restrictions. I can understand what you might have gone through. This is why I am writing this post on Team Kaylakin Cannon to solve all your questions with one post.

How to Unblock Facebook and Twitter

There are a lot of technical methods that included a lot of critical stuff like editing permission on your local machine to disabling the filters. But those are technical methods. Thus I don’t want you to fall into those hard work. Here I am sharing some simple methods to use Facebook and Twitter even when you are in your school.

Here I will be using a proxy server. The general concern about the Proxy server is that it is not secure. I agree with you upto some extent. There are various free proxy server and not all of them insecure. Some of them are secure, and one of them is Hide My ass.

Here is you how you unblock Facebook and Twitter using Hide My Ass aka HMA.

  • First of all visit HMA website by entering
  • Here you will see couples of options including a bar which says to put URL. Here in that box type the URL of Facebook or Twitter.
  • Now you see a button says “HIDE MY ASS“? Click on that. You will now see that the entered website is now unblocked and live.

How to Unblock YouTube and Music Sites

YouTube and music streaming sites are resources hungry. So going to HMA won’t solve your problem. While HMA is good for privacy, it is certainly not suitable for streaming services like Youtube and music sites. Sure you can check unblocked music sites for songs, but what about YouTube? Here I will share a method to access both YouTube and other music sites.

Here is another popular proxy server which is basically best for streaming services. That is

  • Once you are there, you will see a bar to enter URL. Enter or any other music websites that you want to listen.
  • Then click on that big “GO” button. That will redirect you to listen to the music unblocked website.

Here, one thing is worth remembering that ClearlyDrunk is good for streaming, but it is not that popular for privacy. So, never ever share any sensitive information while you are using this proxy server.

With the first method, you will surely be able to access your Facebook and Twitter account from your school. With the second method, you will able to stream YouTube videos ass well as listen to unblocked music from your school. These methods are both safe and fast. You don’t have to worry about your privacy anyone neither you need to worry about blocked sites.